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I have always loved working with words.

Have a read of a few of my features for magazines and websites…

radio studio stock 1

If the thought of walking into a radio studio for a live interview fills you with horror, you are not alone.

But with the right advice and preparation you might even enjoy the experience…



“We have my husband’s wage but it’s not enough to live on. I have to count nappies hoping we have enough until the end of the month.”

Meet the army families struggling to pay the bills…

sleeping child (Daniela Dimitrova Pixabay)

You’ll soon have your feet up with a glass of wine, listening to the sound of snoring on the baby monitor.

If only you had that one special lullaby that works every time…

Seatkickers - Converted to Camping: Family holidays under canvas

 It was early April and far too cold to be under canvas. 

My overriding memory is the wretched sound of the zip as I opened the tent to step out into the darkness…


How do you prepare for a flight with a bawling baby or a toddler who is likely to throw a tantrum? If only there was a generous supply of gas and air in those masks that drop down.

Parents share their tips for travelling as a family…

Army&You - Married to the Army: Career advice for spouses

There is no extra clause in the wedding vows when you marry a soldier.

But do you have to accept that your own career will take a backseat?

Nicky Ness, Director, Broadcasting and Entertainment BFBS:
Jeremy Vine, Presenter, BBC Radio 2
Impressed by her passion
Charlotte Eadie, Former Editor, Army&You magazine
Put our audience at ease
Beth Spencer, Former Director Communications, AFF (Army Families Federation)

“As our main feature writer, Jill’s ability to understand, research and bring a theme to life means the pitch is always just right for our readership. We’ve benefited from Jill’s wealth of knowledge and experience on military matters. The way Jill draws out reader’s experiences and highlights the issues that matter to them, ensures our features are always a must-read.”

Charlotte Eadie
Former Editor, Army&You magazine