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Jeremy Vine, Presenter, BBC Radio 2

“Smart, hard-working and genial, Jill is a great presence in the office and would be an asset to any team. She produced my documentary series “The Songs My Son Loved” and made sure it arrived on air as an extraordinary piece of radio which won Silver at the Sony Awards. I was incredibly impressed by her passion and the meticulous quality of her work.”

Jeremy Vine
Presenter, BBC Radio 2
Nicky Ness, Director, Broadcasting and Entertainment BFBS:
“Whether presenter, producer, documentary maker or content creator, Jill has always delivered above and beyond and embodies all the attributes we look for in a forces broadcaster. She understands and cares about the audience, gets to the heart of the debate and finds great stories to tell. She’s intelligent, engaging and lively on air; modest and considered off air. It continues to be a delight to work with Jill as she’s moved from employee to freelance assignments. She’s a complete professional who delivers every time and comes highly recommended.”
Nicky Ness
Director, Broadcasting and Entertainment BFBS
Charlotte Eadie, Former Editor, Army&You magazine
“As our main feature writer, Jill’s ability to understand, research and bring a theme to life means the pitch is always just right for our Army family readership. We’ve benefited from Jill’s wealth of knowledge and experience on military matters. The way Jill draws out reader’s experiences and highlights the issues that matter to them, ensures our features are always a must-read.”
Charlotte Eadie
Former Editor, Army&You magazine
Beth Spencer, Former Director Communications, AFF (Army Families Federation)
“We were delighted to have someone of Jill’s calibre chairing our conference. This is a high-profile event with Ministers, Business Heads and Military Chiefs as panellists. Previous chairs have included Kate Silverton and Kate Gerbeau. Jill’s experience was evident in her performance, so too was her commitment to thorough preparation. We really appreciated Jill’s willingness to utilise her own contacts in radio to support our promotion campaign. She put our audience at ease and kept the panellists respectfully on their toes.”
Beth Spencer
Former Director Communications, AFF (Army Families Federation)
Major General Craig Lawrence, Author of The Gurkhas: 200 Years of Service to the Crown and The Legacy
“Jill’s hard work, wealth of experience and wide network of media contacts, combined with her energetic and proactive approach, ensured that both of my books attracted much positive publicity. In addition, her experience as a presenter ensured that I was always well prepared for both radio and TV interviews, enabling me to get my point across. I would strongly recommend her services to any author or publisher.”
Major General Craig Lawrence
Author of The Gurkhas: 200 Years of Service to the Crown and The Legacy