This is a space to revel, ramble and rant about anything thrown at me by life, work or my children. You can get a flavour of my writing here as I share blogs, features and reviews or pop over to my portfolio to read more published articles.

As a mum of girls it’s lucky I have always liked the colour pink. Aged 6 and 3, they both enjoy dressing up and playing with dolls but they are also fast, fearless and very keen on getting messy and muddy.  My husband is the outdoorsy type who believes in the power of fresh air and exercise. I like baking cakes but rarely get to lick the spoon now that I have little helpers.

We love days out as a family, exploring new places and burning off excess energy (and cake). Nights out are a rare treat for now but I am always up for theatre, comedy or live music and of course good food and wine.

Jill x